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Barbell Weights

Do you have to be really fit to start CrossFit?

Absolutely not! CrossFit is infinitely scalable to any ability level. CrossFit has successfully trained those who struggle to walk across a room, those who have 100 pounds or more to lose, kids, and yes, even the most elite athletes and those who fight to protect us. CrossFit is a method, not a pass/fail system. Your current physical condition is irrelevant to whether you are “ready to start CrossFit.” It’s okay if you’ve looked at the workout of the day (WOD) and thought “I can’t do that.” Performing the WOD as prescribed is meant to challenge the fittest athletes. Most people scale the WOD to their ability level. At CrossFit JagLion, our coaches help you find a scaled version of the WOD that’s right for you. We can also work around most injuries and physical disabilities. CrossFit is the path to fitness, not the result of already achieving it.


Barbell Weights

Is CrossFit safe?

Yes. We operate on the principle of mechanics first, consistency second, and then intensity.

First, we teach you the mechanics of a movement. This starts in our Foundation Course Classes and continues with a refresher on the proper mechanics of a movement before each workout.

Second, we look for you to display the correct mechanics—consistently. If you can’t get consistency, we lower the weight or otherwise alter the required movement so you can move the weight correctly and consistently.

Finally, after you have the mechanics and consistency with those movements, we introduce you to intensity. We never throw you into something you aren’t ready for, and you are always in control. We are here to lead and instruct you, but you always have the option to say “I’m not ready for that.”

Is there an opportunity to get hurt? Absolutely. Just like there’s an opportunity to get hurt doing anything. Our trainers are always on-hand, teaching the correct movements, scaling them to the appropriate level for each athlete, and protecting our athletes during the workout.

Barbell Weights

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You can shoot us an e-mail or Call us to meet with one of our friendly staff members who will give you a tour of the facility, show you how we work, and help you figure out which program at CrossFit JagLion is right for you. We offer personal coaching, CrossFit classes, Nutrition Coaching, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and CrossFit Kids Classes.


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